How-to? A question often asked.

We will be creating a series of posts, pages, and articles covering many different subjects.

We have just checked out the Oyster farms at Belon!

Some links still to get into operation as we chase the tidal scum off the site.

Our passion with dogs covers a lifetime – several dog-lifetimes.

More in the Dog Training section including a newsletter section with articles written by an expert on dog nutrition and behaviour.


Yes, you can!

The challenges associated with weight, over-weight, and getting back to a comfortable body shape is covered in the Overweight section.

The reading gets lighter, too!


Our recent brush with a determined bunch of hackers (including members of H-zone) has given us a further timely subject:

The claim by H-Zone that they are ensuring freedom of information is ridiculous considering the defacing of sites (loss of information) and criminal destruction of proprietary property.

– To recover your Computer after it has been severely infected,
see the article in Computer-Maintenance (click the link in the Menu above, or click here)

Yes, you can recover from a nasty virus/Trojan/Keystroke scanner/MBR infection.

Your website (blog) destroyed? – hacked to death?

Maybe you had something like one of these instead of your usual front page.

Hacked – don’t panic!

What to do after the rats have eaten your hard work.
Hints, tips, and essential good advice.
You could get a professional to clean your site
Have a go yourself – but you will need access to cpanel.
Check the information about How-To fix your site, here.

If you don’t have access to cpanel, ask your ISP, but always check with your ISP if in doubt about files and folders in cpanel.

More to be added and enlarged on, as we progress.


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