In the beginning –

The Wounded awaiting repair – plus guard dog….

We brought the caravan to Australia from the UK.
The original purchase was of a “water-ingress” damaged van. We had the caravan sales person show us the level of moisture in the alleged area of damaged, and like the innocents we were, took his word for it. Interesting that he then vanished from the yard, never to be seen again. Hmmm.

We discovered the real extent of the problem when the corner stabiliser leg got a bit more strain than normal on it and the forward aspect of the floor broke along one wall line and part of the front assembly.
We tried to get information from the manufacturer but the firm had changed hands and no-one wanted to know. So, it was up to us.

We managed to hold things together and shipped the van to Melbourne when we returned to Oz. A lack of covered area as well as time pressure to resolve other issues including creating an organic garden to supply produce to the Delicatessen owned by our daughter and partner as well as provide child-minding for our very young twin grandchildren meant the problem had to await a solution.

Continued in Assessment before Repair