What to do after the rats have gone

Suggestions and insights based on real experience.

It all began with a perfectly plausible phone call from my Telephone and Internet provider Technical Team (or so I thought).
Not to demonstrate how b…y stupid I was, but rather to help others understand there are slick criminal operators out there.

Rule 1.  If there is even a sliver of doubt, don’t!!!!

Rule 2. NEVER log into your bank account if anyone is online with you – Don’t, OK.

Rule 3. Do not allow anyone to remote access your computer unless you have contacted them via a legitimate site .  What is legitimate? Thought you might ask that.  Check with your local telecom – you call them and get the right guidance.

Rule 4. If your computer is hacked, it’s back to basics. See “Getting your machine back”below
– If your website is hacked, then read the section “Website Woes” that follows.

Preamble: I had both joys – machine and websites  maliciously and feloniously stuffed.  All because I had a minimised spreadsheet with all my settings and passwords for all my sites sitting on the taskbar – and I let them into the laptop…. arghh!!!

OK, first, let’s get the blame thing out of the way.
You did it to yourself thru either lack of security, or lack of care.

Ha, you say! Security I might buy into, but not lack of care….
Hmm, when was the last time you backed up your  essential files, system, and your websites – I rest my case.

So – Getting your machine back

Website wrecked? – How to get it back

There is more about making your website safe here